Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Today was a teacher training day at Jess’s nursery so this meant that we were able to spend the day together before picking Natalie up from school later in the afternoon.  It was a lovely sunny morning and I had a present to buy so we decided to go to the Trentham Estate Staffordshire to have a look around the shops there.  

Once in her wheelchair and out in the sunshine Jess was happy and smiling and taking in all of the sights and smells.  We went into the candle shop with it’s heavy scent of hundreds of different perfumed candles, they had a toy train running around a track in the roof eaves and Jess was fascinated and got really excited when it came over her head.  Music was playing as you went around the village and Jess was bobbing from side to side and laughing.

We went into a shop called The Natural World which had a collection of all sorts of interesting things, I made a small purchase and when I went to pay Jess’s eyes fell upon a shelf containing electric perpetual motion desktoys.  Her face lit up and she laughed and laughed, the man behind the counter laughed too. 

We came out and eventually came to the large garden centre.  This was another sensory playground as far as Jess was concerned.  There were big ceiling fans which are firm favourites, a display of sun catchers and wind chimes, and a large water feature which also had twinkling lights.  Jess was also very interested in the fine pottery on display but I decided it was best to give that a wide berth!

I decided that I needed to go back to The Natural World for another item before going home.  I took my purchase to the counter again and turned Jess’s wheelchair so that she could see the desk toys again.  She was not disappointed and was shrieking with delight and clapping.  The man behind the counter commented upon how happy she was and then did something amazing.  He went over to the display and asked if I would like one for Jess free of charge!  I was taken aback.  “well if you are sure” I said, still not really believing what I had heard.  We decided upon the one which we thought Jess liked best and this kind man got a new one from off the shelf and even included a battery so that we could start using it when we got home.  He explained that he had a disabled Daughter and knew how good it was to see them happy.  I felt so overcome with emotion that although I thanked him it hardly seemed enough.  I came out of the shop in a bit of a hurry as I could feel the tears starting to fall.

When we got home I assembled the toy and this was the result:-

Another thing Jess has been doing just lately is putting her tongue out between her teeth and making a noise.  She will try and copy someone when they are talking or singing.  This is a big breakthrough.  We have been told that Jess may never be able to talk but I think just like the other things she was not expected to do this will come in time.

Bad things do happen in this world but there is also a lot of goodness too.  If ever you are in Trentham Shopping Village then please call into The Natural World gift shop.  I don’t know if the man in there will get to see this blog but just incase he does be assured you have made one little girl (and her Nanny) very happy – THANK YOU